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Nintendo Shares Final Day Of Festive Indie Game News And Switch eShop Shadow Drops

Update #4 [Fri 23rd Dec, 2022 17:08 GMT]: It’s here, folks! Sports Story is the headliner of Nintendo’s final day of its festive House of Indies. Boy, if we found something like that in our Advent Calendar, we’d be very happy.

The long-awaited follow-up to Golf Story, after being teased for a December release date in the last Indie World, is out now! But that’s not the only cracking release Nintendo has shared on the final day of treats. There’s some Sea Of Stars news too from Yasunori Mitsuda, the legendary Chrono Trigger and Cross composer.

Dust & Neon (out 2023) – A rogue-lite shooter that pits cowboys against robots (no, not the Daniel Craig movie). Think twin-stick shooting with tons and tons of upgrades.
UNDYING (out Spring 2023) – a survival game with minimalist visuals, you’re Anling who is trying to keep her son safe as the pair run for their lives in a zombie-infested world. The game is currently in Early Access on Steam.
Sea of Stars (out Summer 2023) – a gorgeous turn-based RPG inspired by Chrono Trigger, from the creators of The Messenger. Mitsuda is delighted to be working with Sabotage on the game to create a Super Nintendo-style of sound.
Sports Story (out now) – after years and years of begging, Sports Story is now available on the eShop for just $14.99. This sports RPG allows you to play golf, tennis, soccer, cricket, volleyball, fishing, BMX, and more!
Not only that, but Nintendo is kicking off a big Indie World Holiday Sale on the Switch eShop. From today until 1st January 2023 you’ll be able to get up to 50% off tons of fantastic indie titles.

Phew! What a week of news. Get stuck into Sports Story and your mince pies, folks!

Update #3 [Thu 22nd Dec, 2022 17:30 GMT]: Just like clockwork, Nintendo is back to empty out some indie goodness under the tree in day four of Inside the House of Indies.

Once again, today’s video shows four new titles, this time spanning across rhythmic dreams, fantasy roguelikes, puppets and cyberpunk volleyball. Here’s what was announced this time:

Melatonin (out now) – A rhythm game about dreams, Melatonin will see you navigating surreal music-based puzzles with cosy vibes all around. Follow the beat and complete tasks from batting alarm clocks to operating a toy-grabbing machine.
Afterimage (out 25th April 2023) – A fantasy-based roguelike where you will explore mystical environments as a glowing protagonist, slashing enemies as you go.
Smile For Me (out Spring 2023) – In this « nod and shake adventure, » you will navigate a creepy-looking world, carrying out tasks for its vaguely Paper Mario-like inhabitants. This looks surreal and spooky in equal measure so be ready to take a trip into the weird with this one.
Hyper Gunsport (out now) – Billed as « Cyberpunk volleyball with guns, » this arcade-style game will see you taking on futuristic takes on volleyball while wielding an arsenal of explosive weapons.
We’re getting ourselves ready for the final day of the event tomorrow and are excited to see what the last group of indies will bring!

Update #2 [Wed 21st Dec, 2022 17:05 GMT]: Ho ho ho, we’re back again with Nintendo’s third day of the House of Indies, where the Big N is spreading some holiday cheer by sharing some brand new indie game news and shadow drops.

Today, we’re getting cosy with potions, racoons, toys, and a lovely little sail. Two shadow drops and two spring releases are behind the calendar today, so let’s have a little look:

Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator (out Spring 2023) – This is exactly what it sounds like, except a little more old-school. Potion Craft is an alchemist sim where you run a shop and make potions for the townsfolk. Coming to Switch early next year.
Sonority (out now) – A musical puzzle game where you’ll navigate musical ruins with your racoon friend. Out today on the Switch eShop.
Tin Hearts (out 20th April 2023) – Rogue Sun’s inventive Lemmings-style puzzler is beautifully animated and comes from many of the folks who brought us Fable. Guide toys around various locations and stay safe! The game finally has an April release date.
Sail Forth (out now) – This lovely sailing simulator splashes onto the eShop today — think Wind Waker but without all the Zelda-ing and you’re pretty much there! We’ve got more details on the game right here.
What will day four bring? Make sure you have a cup of hot cocoa with you for tomorrow’s festive feast of indies!

Update [Tue 20th Dec, 2022 17:08 GMT]: Welcome back to the House of Indies, Nintendo Life readers! Nintendo has released the second video of the week, showcasing some new indie titles coming to the Switch over the next twelve months.

Today, we’ve got two shadow drops and two 2023 games to share, including one remaster of a very popular indie title from a few years ago. Here’s what’s on Nintendo’s list today:

The Gecko Gods (out 2023) – an adorable puzzle platformer where you control a small gecko through a bunch of mazes. Just look at the little fella! You can grab this next year on Switch, but for now, check out the eShop page.
The Captain (out now) – A narrative adventure game where you’ll need to make huge Mass Effect-like decisions that can affect who lives and who survives in space. Participate in space battles and explore the galaxy for $19.99 on the Switch eShop.
Risk of Rain Returns (out 2023) – 2013’s hit roguelike gets a remaster with brand-new modes and enhancements. Multiplayer has been completely overhauled, and there will be brand new survivors to play as too. Check out the game on the eShop.
The Punchuin (out now) – a new puzzle game from the developer of Touryst and Fast RMX where you control a penguin who punches boxes. You can play on your own or get punching against a friend. The game costs $14.99 on the eShop right now.
Make sure you check back in tomorrow for another freshly baked batch of indie titles!

Original article [Mon 19th Dec, 2022 17:50 GMT]: Nintendo has announced a new festive indie developer-focused video series called ‘Inside the House of Indies: Holiday Event’. Over the next five days, the company will be posting a short video on its YouTube channel featuring announcements and updates for indie games, starting today with the video above.

Every day until 23rd December there’ll be a fresh video dropping at 17:00 GMT / 18:00 CEST / 9:00 PT / 12:00 ET. Here’s the description from the YouTube video:

As you’ll see in the first video, day one features news on tactics title Floppy Knights (available now on Switch eShop), puzzle-y narrative adventure Roman Sands RE:Build (coming Summer 2023), first-person canine photograph-snapper Pupperazzi (coming ‘Early 2023’), and action-RPG Mortal Shell: Complete Edition (available now).

We’ve got our fingers crossed that the long-awaited Sports Story will feature in this event. Let us know below if there’s anything in particular you’re hoping to see.

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