Get Ready for UNO on PS5: Native Version, Cross-Buy, and More!"

UNO Makes a Surprise Appearance on PS5, and It’s Part of PS Plus Extra

A native PS5 version of card game UNO has been quietly released on the PS5 by publisher Ubisoft, and it’s cross-buy with the original PS4 edition if you already own it. Furthermore, because UNO is already available as part of PS Plus Extra, subscribers can download this new-gen version for free as well.

As for the game itself, well it’s a virtual version of UNO, so don’t expect too many surprises. “Players can choose gameplay with traditional rules, including stacking, 7-0, and jump-in, and use Uno’s online multiplayer feature to play with friends on the same platform,” the press release reads. “The Ultimate Edition of the game also includes the game’s DLC packs, such as Fenyx’s Quest, Call of Yara, and Valhalla, each of which introduces a new game mode and themed cosmetic card options.”

Are you in?