The King of Fighters XV in Season 2 DLC Launch on January 17th

The King of Fighters XV Season 2 DLC character Shingo Yabuki launches January 17; Sylvie Paula Paula and Najd announced

« The King of Fighters XV » fans, get ready! Season 2 DLC character Shingo Yabuki is set to launch on January 17th, and he’s bringing some new friends along for the ride. Alongside Shingo, SNK has also announced two new characters, Sylvie Paula Paula and Najd, will be joining the roster.

Shingo Yabuki made his first appearance in « The King of Fighters ’96 » as the leader of the « Rival Team. » He has since appeared in several other games in the series, and has become a fan-favorite among players. Known for his powerful yet balanced fighting style, Shingo is a well-rounded character that can adapt to any situation. He is equipped with various projectiles, as well as a powerful « Power Charge » ability that allows him to increase the strength of his special moves.

Sylvie Paula Paula is a new character that is making her debut in « The King of Fighters XV. » According to SNK, Sylvie is a young girl who is a « brave and determined warrior. » She uses a unique fighting style that combines hand-to-hand combat with the use of a giant hammer, which allows her to deal massive damage to her opponents.

Finally, Najd is the last addition to the roster, the only information shared by SNK is that Najd is « A desert warrior who wields an ancient sword. » It’s unclear what kind of fighting style he will have, but it’s clear that he will be a fierce competitor in the KOF tournament.

These new characters will add even more depth to the already diverse roster of « The King of Fighters XV. » Each character has their own unique abilities and fighting styles, giving players more options to choose from and encouraging players to experiment with different team compositions.

Overall, the addition of Shingo Yabuki, Sylvie Paula Paula, and Najd to « The King of Fighters XV » will bring new excitement to the game and give players even more to look forward to in the coming months. The release of these new characters will take place on January 17th, and players can purchase them individually or as part of the Season 2 DLC pass.