Microsoft employee leaks new version of Notepad with tabs despite warning

Microsoft is busy developing new features not only for Windows 11 but also for its stock apps. The next major change coming to one of Windows 11’s stock apps, Notepad, is likely to support tabs, a leaked feature by a Microsoft employee shows.

Tabs in Notepad will work exactly like how they function in Files Explorer and web browsers: you will not have to open multiple windows for multiple folders and directories. All of them can be clubbed into one single window but in numerous tabs. If tabs ever launch for Notepad, it will perhaps be the most exciting announcement for those using the app in Windows 11 in a year. The last time we heard something major related to the app was when Microsoft redesigned the Notepad app for Windows 11 users.

The screenshot of the tabbed interface in Notepad displays a confidential warning telling employees not to discuss or take screenshots. Despite the warning, the screenshot was circulated on Twitter before the original author deleted it. But luckily, we managed to get a hold of it even though it is no longer on Twitter thanks to @PhantomOfEarth on Twitter.

However, the leaked screenshot does not tell us anything about when it will be available for the general public. It is possible that Microsoft will test the new interface in Notepad with Windows 11 Insiders before making it a part of its upcoming « Moment » updates. Maybe the software giant will push it to Insiders early next year.

Microsoft’s effort to introduce a tabbed interface to its operating system dates back to Windows 95 days. However, it was never solidified into something users could use until Microsoft added tabs in File Explorer for all Windows 11, version 22H2 users last October. Nonetheless, it is interesting to see Microsoft is introducing tabs to its select individual apps instead of a system-wide deployment.

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