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Brilliant heating hack using a tea light wows TikTok user and leaves room ‘like a sauna’

A hack described as « the best life hack ever » could heat your room using things you have around the home. It will likely be very helpful to Britons shivering in their home this winter thanks to the cost of living crisis.

All you need is a tea light and a terracotta plant pot. The hack was tested by TikTok account @rightguysreview, which has 1.2M followers.

He was incredibly impressed by the hack, finding it increased the temperature in his room by half a degree in just two minutes. The content creator explained how he tested the clever hack. He said: « All right guys, cost of living crisis. Can one tea light and a plant pot heat up your room? Let’s give it a try. »

How exactly do you get up this clever mini heater? He went on: « First things first light your candle. Place it on the middle of a plate and then pop the pot over, so the flame is directly below the hole. I’ll give that about three minutes and it’s meant to heat up quite warm. »

The content creator checked the temperature of the room when he lit the candle, and it was 15 degrees. He then looked at the thermostat again after having left the heater to work for two to three minutes.

He said: « Close the door. Close the window, shut the curtains. Right, that’s been lit for around about three minutes. How does it feel? Oh wow. Oh, my days. What the flip. How? How? How is that so hot? It’s one little tea light.

« I reckon you get four plant pots, four tea lights, and four plates and do for them on your table. Wow, your room would be like a sauna.

« You won’t believe this. Look at that. That’s gone up half a degree. Look at the time. That’s two minutes, half a degree, wow. »

The video has had a huge 123.1K « likes » and over 2,500 comments on the social media app. One commenter wrote: « Going to do this in my house. »

Another said: « 15 years ago when I was on the dole, I used tealights to heat up my room because I couldn’t afford gas. I didn’t use a plant pot though. »

One suggested: « Ceramic pot would work better with a couple of tee lights. But watch out for the price going up. Also, they burn oxygen and vent the room.

But someone skeptical said: « It went up half a degree because you close the doors and shut your curtains, not because of a candle. » Another said: « I think closing the doors and pulling the curtains did a big part of that 0.5c. »

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